The latest fall décor trends for 2018

As the days are getting shorter and the temperatures starting to drop we would prefer to stay in, snuggled in a big warm blanket- watching the new seasons of our favorite shows on TV with a cup of hot chocolate.  It would be even cozier of you make your home more welcoming and hospitable. Let’s remove all the furniture from the patio or the balcony and concentrate on giving your living room a post-summer refreshing. Let’s dive in the latest trends in fall décor. What is new, what you can reuse as a transition?


Woodland Retreat:

This trend literally means to bring the outdoors in. Adding forest and nature inspired art pieces and accessories. Focus on adorable forest animals, elements from the nature like leaves, dried flowers, branches, wooden furniture and ornaments incorporated with soft muted colors, as well as reds, golds and bronzes. This truly autumnal trend is all about creating a happy home. Colorful accessories can help add some drama into this style – pillows, a faux fur throw or a big chunky knitted blanket.



New Nordic:

This trend is the balance between minimalism and functionality. Their specific color is blue. Feathers are taking a big part of this trend. You can have them on your wallpaper or bedding or as an accessory. You can also see Minimalist wood slats which remind us of a cabin or a hot and relaxing sauna. The new “thing” in the Nordic trend right now are tent beds for kids- which sounds so cool even for adults and monochrome art. The Scandis are all about their chic DIY projects- creating something from scratch or just showing how to refresh anything old in your home. The main guidelines for this trend are either dark colored walls and a pastel colored furniture or the other way around with dark colored furniture on light walls so you can see the contrast between the two.


Global nomad:

This trend is also known as “Bohemian Traveler” or “Artisan Textures”. You can recognize it when you see fringing, tassels, and raw edges on cushions, macramé, throws, rugs and accessories. Commonly used are monochrome colors, dusky pinks and terrocottas. You can also search for natural materials like- rattan, wicker, jute and bamboo, hand dyed textiles in rich earthy pigments, pom poms, detailing on everything from cushions to wall art.


Modern maker:

This is a great trend for a modern family that just wants to keep it simple and create their own style with what they already have. You just have to switch some ornaments or furniture around, add some accessories, textures, some pottery – where you think is going to look nice and voila – you got a new fresh look. What makes this trend authentic is that everyday wear-and-tear – it gives your home a personality and keeps the good memories.


Millennial pink is here to stay:

Also known as Scandi pink you see it everywhere from runways to home décor. This soft rosy color reminds us of a girly bubblegum or candy and everything related to a baby girls room. Nowadays you can add it as an accent or a base and it could turn out as a very chic project. This millennial pink has a variety of hues and is famous with its calming effect.



Pop of Color:

The concept of this trend is genius – a room isn’t complete without leaving a signature colorful mark on it. It highlights the architectural details and gives a personality to a neutral space.